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MT – satellite communications operator

CJSC “Moskovsky  Teleport” (MT) is a leading satellite communications operator on the territory of Russia and CIS, a part of AltegroSky Company (

MT mission: To make the world of telecommunications within your reach. Inmarsat-MT will provide you with vital communications in any part of Russia & CIS. MT will connect you with any point of our planet where ever your partners are.
MT goal is to provide its clients with complex high quality services on the basis of the most reliable technologies in the sphere of satellite communications in order to meet all the clients’ requirements in creation of modern telecom infrastructure.


MT specializes in organization of :

MT network comprises more than 400 terminals. The majority of MT services is based on VSAT technology which guarantees realization of projects in short terms.


MT presents its new mobile satellite communications solutions such as:

Broadband: BGAN, BGAN Link, Xpress Link, SwiftBroadband, FleetBroadband

M2M: BGAN M2M, IsatData Pro, Isat M2M

Voice: IsatPhone Pro, IsatPhone Link, BGAN, FleetPhone, FleetBroadband


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

AltegroSky Group announces the acquisition of 80.25% stake in satellite operator "Moskovsky Teleport" of the international satellite communications operator Inmarsat

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

CJSC “Moskovsky Teleport” (Inmarsat-MT) one of the leading providers of satellite communications services on the territory of Russia and CIS-countries, part of Inmarsat Group of the Companies, will take part in the 21st World Petroleum Congress, which will be held from 16 through 19 June at IEC Crocus Expo.

Explorer 510 BGAN